Backpacks: How Much Should Yours Weigh?

Fun fact I learned this year! I think my pack may be a tad too heavy.

body weight and backpack size
Me trying to look happy while simultaneously trying not to fall over the edge with this gigantic bag.

We're all guilty of this. Packing way too much. I usually pack an outfit for each day then one backup outfit just in case, sounds reasonable right? For some reason, at the end of my trips, I only end up wearing half the clothes I brought with me. Then I got to thinking about these packing questions the week after returning from my Killarney trip.

Am I packing too much and what should my pack weigh?

According to an REI blog article, they suggest as a general rule, a loaded backpack should not weigh more than about 20 percent of your body weight. If I weighed 140 pounds then I should be carrying a bag that weighs about 28 pounds.

What to do if my pack weighs too much?

If you feel like you need to lighten your pack then weigh your pack with all your essentials inside excluding food, water, and fuel. See what this number is and you will have a basis for how much weight you should reduce. I would suggest upgrading your essentials to more lightweight versions. I just finally upgraded our old heavy camping chairs to these light aluminum ones from Amazon!

Next, I'm looking to reduce the weight of our food with more backpacking recipes so stay tuned for more tips!


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